How do I...? and other questions


Post here if you have any questions about using the site that are not covered in the 'how to' guide.

Name change

Submitted by beccan.mcgowan… on


I changed my name (legally, and on my iRecord account) a few years back, but I am still getting emails addressed to my old name.

Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to close my account and make a new one? 


Adding multiple recorder names to a record

Submitted by mattstrib on


When I enter a record the recorder name field is populated with my name in this format.  Surname, First name.  

As I was recording with others, can anyone tell me the format required when adding additional recorders names?   I unable to find any guidance in the help documents?



p.s. By trial and error a ; Seperator appears to work.  But is that the accepted way?  


Searching for sites when adding records to an activity

Submitted by kierandawkins on

I have created several site boundaries and included them in a single activity to collect records for them in a single place. If I submit a record to this activity myself I can search for the different sites by name on the record creation page. However, if other members of the group want to upload a record to the activity they are unable to search the sites by name, making entry much more difficult. Is there any way to make the sites I have created available to other members of my activity?

Setting a site

Submitted by CTidnam on

We want to set our site in iRecord on our phones so that whoever uploads a sighting, the record gets collated with others uploading to the same site. However when I go to iRecord and search for the name 'St Paul's Church Camden Square' nothing comes up. When I put the postcode in - NW1 9XG - that postcode does not appear in the drop down. Can you help us register this site so we can start using it?



Effect of editing

Submitted by mags49 on

Help!   I edited a record that had been accepted by a verifier.  Having gone in to have a quick look at it, I spotted a typo (woodland 'markings' instead of 'margins') so corrected it in the text.  But now the record is a skeletal record only. 20992053, Agroeca brunnea in Abernethy forest.  Should I do anything now?