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iRecord allows you to customise several aspects including the species groups you like to record most often and the region, county or area you most often record in. These are then used to customise reports and can also be used to simplify data entry or to bring to your attention any recording forms which might be of interest, so it’s worth spending a few moments familiarising yourself with the possibilities.

To access your account, click on the My Account link in the top right of any page. 

The Edit tab allows you to: 

  • Change your Log In password.
  • Choose a license for your photos and other media.
  • Set your account to allow vague dates (such as ‘July 2019’ or ‘04/08/2018-10/18/2018’, which are not allowed by default. 
  • Change your email notification settings e.g. the frequency and type. 
  • Set the species groups you are most interested in under ‘What you record’. Tick all those you regularly record. You can change these at any time later.
  • Select a Vice County where you usually record under ‘Where you record’, which will mean that the map is centred on this area when you add records. Note that the list of locations available to pick from uses the list of Watsonian Vice Counties. These are often used in biological recording since they are persistent and not subject to the changes that our list of administrative areas are subject to.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of use.

When you have set the options remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.