iRecord video guides

A number of video guides to various aspects of iRecord are available, and these are listed below. They have been produced by a range of organisations and do not necessarily represent the views of iRecord, BRC or UKCEH, but all contain useful information and we are grateful to the organisations and individuals who have made them available, and especially to Keiron Derek Brown who has produced many of the videos in this list.

Short introductions

What is iRecord? Keiron Derek Brown (4m)


Submitting a single record Keiron Derek Brown (8m)


Recording Wildlife online using iRecord – BIS, Biodiversity Information Service (4m)


How to Submit Your Sightings on iRecord – Natural History Society of Northumbria (8m)


How to observe wildlife – Matt Hayes for Museum of Zoology Cambridge (11m)


Citizen Science: How To Use iRecord – UCCRI Student (12m)



How to use iRecord and other conservation apps for citizen science – Reasons to be Wild (4m)

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Longer overviews

An introduction to iRecord – Martin Harvey for Natural England (1h: 30m)


Why iRecord?Keiron Derek Brown for FSC Biodiversity (1h:24m)


LNHS iRecord – Keiron Derek Brown for London Natural History Society (57m)


iRecord Activities

Understanding iRecord ActivitiesKeiron Derek Brown (5m)


Setting Up iRecord Activities for Local GroupsKeiron Derek Brown for FSC Biodiversity (1h:31m)


iRecord verification

iRecord Verification Portal TourKeiron Derek Brown (3m)


iRecord Verification: Single Record VerificationKeiron Derek Brown (3m)


iRecord Verification: Filtering RecordsKeiron Derek Brown (8m)


iRecord Verification: Bulk VerificationKeiron Derek Brown (2m)


My Account

iRecord Account SettingsKeiron Derek Brown (2m)