How do I...? and other questions


Post here if you have any questions about using the site that are not covered in the 'how to' guide.

Retro-adding records to an activity

Submitted by pennyinsole@gm… on

I have recently uploaded a number of records via the app and mistakenly thought I had selected my chosen activity to add them to. However, at some point in the process, the app had put me back onto the 'Default' setting and the records did not go into the activity. Is there any way of retrospectively adding the records once uploaded to an activity?


Submitted by JonathanWallace on

How do activities interact with each other and with general uploading of records?  For example, if I have a record that is applicable to more than one of the activities I am a member of (e.g. an activity relating to a particular taxonomic group and another relating to a particular place or area) will it automatically get linked to each of the activities whose criteria it meets or just the one I choose to upload it to?  If they are not automatically linked is there a way in which the uploader can link records to all relevant activities him/herself?   

Mapping manipulation

Submitted by LouLaw on

I've set up an activity for a Borough Council that covers 2 vice counties but not in entirety. How do I map the actual borough for recorders to establish whether their record is within the boundaries/scope of the activity. Is this possible? Can I create an overlay for the actual Borough that can be saved? Forgive me in advance if this is already covered somewhere. I'm floundering around trying to set this up.