How do I...? and other questions


Post here if you have any questions about using the site that are not covered in the 'how to' guide.

Adding records to an Activity

Submitted by tim.hodge@btin… on

I've got several records that I submitted as general records that I'd like to now allocate to an Activity already set up on the Activities page. Some have already been verified so I don't want to delete them and start again, so can you edit a record to now include it in an Activity. Conversely I've also got some records already added to an Activity that I want to remove. Anyone know whether this is possible. Thanks. 

completing drafts on website that were made on the app

Submitted by pip.cook@bumbl… on

Hi. I have made draft records on the app on my tablet whilst in the field. I now want to complete these on the website on my laptop and add photos, however, they are not listed on "My Records". Do the app and website share my data? I can't add phot on my tablet because I didn't take the photos with it therefore theya re not in my gallery. Thankyou


Submitted by JonathanWallace on

I am invited to set a licence for photos and other media but it is not made clear what the different licences mean.  It would be helpful to have some guidance on the different licences listed and the implications of each.  If I set a licence on here does this affect my claims to copyright everywhere and if not where is it limited to?  If I don't set a licence what are the consequences with respect to iRecord and its functions?  Thanks in advance.

Setting up an accurate linear route with appropriate margins

Submitted by seumasgalbrait… on

Hi there. I am trying to set up an Activity for all plant and wildlife records along a long-distance walking route, the Ayrshire Coastal Path.

I initially drew up the route very roughly - aiming to allow records from ~500m inland and up to ~1k out to sea (not sure if this is necessary).

It was brilliant to have a list of records generated so quickly. However, these were seriously skewed, with over 80% moth records. It appears that the way I have drawn the map includes one or more gardens with serious moth trappers!

Allowing all users to to explore data in private activity

Submitted by IanC57 on

I would like any iRecord user to be able to explore the data in a private activity, but not to be able to enter records. I have set the activity to be private and then, in the Forms section, selected "Available to anyone" for the "Explore Activity Data". However, non-members can't even find the group when they Browse or Search for activities. Has anyone else managed to do this successfully?

bulk upload

Submitted by JS on

Trying to bulk upload to i-Record

I seem to be required to add the STAGE field (extensive from controlled term list)

Can you tell me what values are appropriate?

I have tried 1 and A but they are rejected.

Does not seem to cover this in the user guide.