How do I...? and other questions


Post here if you have any questions about using the site that are not covered in the 'how to' guide.

"The taxon must be specified"

Submitted by OliverRat on

I'm trying to submit a casual record of a social wasp. Date, location, etc., all seem to be ok, but when I try to specify the taxon (a) I do not see a drop-down list when I start typing, (b) after entering 'Dolichovespula *' and clicking Submit, I get the general error message "The data could not be saved", and the error "The taxon must be specified" under the Taxon text box.

Error message submitting records at several places on one date

Submitted by Clavigesta on

I'm repeatedly getting an error message when I try the above and lose everything I have put in. The last one said "The data could not be saved. Validation errors occurred when this form was submitted ... The spatial reference must be supplied (related to attribute ) ...  (related to attribute )"

I'll have to get round it by submitting a separate list for each grid ref.



How do I synchronise my activity across the web browser and app versions of iRecord?

Submitted by doug@consultin… on

Hi folks. Currently both sets of my records look completely different. The records I upload on the web browser don't appear on the iPhone app, and vice versa. Is there a way to sync all my sightings across the two platforms please?

How do I filter out or hide sensitive records in an activity?

Submitted by Vale Landscape… on

I am working with Vale Landscape Heritage Trust (a charity) to create a list of records for each of their 18 sites. I have created an activity, which includes a polygon for each of the 18 sites (listed under 'My sites'). We are trying to use the map to see what records fall under the sites, but there are 3 or 4 sensitive records which cover the map with blue squares and prevent us from accessing the records underneath, of which have more precise locations.