Enter a list of moth records (for a site on a date, for a single sampling method)

This recording form allows you to record moths. If you also wish to record other species groups such as beetles and flies found in your moth-trap there is now a "moth-trap intruders" recording form you can use.

We strongly recommend you have an account on iRecord to benefit fully from this recording form. To submit an observation without logging in, please provide your details in case we need to verify the record. They will not be used for any other purpose.
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For trapping records, please enter the date the trap was set (turned on), not the date for the following morning (if the trap was run overnight).

Enter the recorder's name, if not already shown.


Enter the type of trap used, or other recording method

Please enter all the species you saw at one site on a single day. Then move to the Where was it? tab before submitting your records.
If you are recording larvae, cases or leaf-mines please add the foodplant in to the comments field, as this is often needed to verify the records.

For the quantity, do not enter a zero to mean "present but not counted" - if the quantity was not counted, leave this column blank (if you use a zero iRecord will interpret that as meaning the moth was absent).
Step 1
Select a species first
SpeciesQtyStageSexIdentified ByCommentPhotos

Click in the species box and start typing a species name (English or scientific). Use * as a wildcard. You can use a 2+3 abbreviation for the scientific name: first two letters of genus followed by first three letters of species. A list of suggestions will pop up from which you can select with mouse or arrow keys and tab.
Enter the quantity seen as a number (or leave blank to simply indicate presence) - do not use zero. Select the life stage, plus the sex if known.
For "Identified By" enter the name of the person who identified the species (sometimes called the "determiner"), if different from the recorder name given.
Add a comment if needed, to provide further information about the record. Tab between the attribute fields.


Provide the name of the site. Do not enter a postal address as the information you provide will be visible to others.


Or simply click on your rough position on the map.