BAS recording schemes record entry form

British Arachnological Society. Submit your UK spider, harvestmen and Pseudoscorpion records directly to the national recording schemes here. Distribution maps for spiders and harvestmen are available on the Spider Recording Scheme website.

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Enter the recorder's name, if different. More than one recorder can be entered in this field.

Please provide a grid reference and site name for the records. [More help]
You can enter a grid reference directly, or search for a place then click on the map to set it. If you are returning to a previously recorded site, you can select the site first (start typing its name into the box - a dropdown list will appear) and the grid reference will be entered for you. If you are recording in a different part of a previously visited site, you can modify the grid reference either directly or by clicking on the map. If you are entering a new site name, you will see a button appear that offers to remember it for you. If you think you may return to the site again in the future, you can click this to remember it. [Less help]

Provide the name of the site.

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Please enter Spider Recording Scheme habitat, site and sampling data if you can. This information greatly increases the value of your records. You can click on the labels for each control to get more help which will appear below the habitat, site and sampling controls.
Enter the species you recorded and associated information. [More help]
Males and females of the same species should be entered separately. If you don't know the value for abundance, sex or stage, leave that value blank or set to not recorded. All the records you enter in the species grid should be associated with the same sampling, site and habitat data entered above. To enter groups of records associated with different sampling, sites or habitats, enter them in separate batches. If you used artificial intelligence (AI), e.g. image recognition software, then tick the 'AI used' checkbox. [Less help]
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Select a species first
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Enter any comments here which apply to the sample in general - i.e. all the records you entered in the grid. Comments for individual records should go in the grid.