Controlling automated email messages from iRecord

iRecord is able to send automated emails to your registered email address, but you can control how many of these emails you wish to receive, or you can turn them off altogether if you prefer. If you do turn off the email notifications, you can still see your notifications on the iRecord website, either by clicking on a link displayed when you log in to the home page, or by going to the Explore menu and choosing "My notifications".

However, we strongly recommend that you you have notifications for "comments" switched on (see below). This will ensure that you are notified if a verifier queries one of your records, or needs more information.

How to change which emails you receive

To change your email settings, click on "My account" at the top of the page, and then click on the "Edit" tab for your account.

A little way down the page you should be able to find a section headed "Email digest notification settings":

Email digest notification settings

The first box for "Email digest frequency" allows you to set a single control for ALL of the automated iRecord emails, so that you can receive them daily, weekly or never:

Notification timing options

Alternatively, you can click on the "Advanced notification settings" link to open up a set of choices for each of the different types of email that iRecord may send:

Advanced notification settings

This allows you to receive some types of notification daily if you wish, while turning others off altogether.

The different types of automated email are:

  • Comments on your records: these are only sent if a comment or query is added to one of your records. (Comments may be added by any iRecord user, but usually it will be from one of the verifiers, who can also add a comment when querying a record.) If you wish to reply to one of these comments you need to find your record on iRecord (e.g. via record ID link in the email you have received, or you can go to the Explore menu, choose "My records", and find and view the record from there). You can add a comment in reply, simply by using the comment box on the record page.
  • Automated Record Cleaner record checks: these are the automatic checks that tell you if a species is known to be difficult to identify, or if you have recorded it in an area where it might not have been recorded before. These checks are purely automatic and are based on the NBN Record Cleaner rules -  they do not indicate that your record is being rejected or queried, and there is no need to reply to these messages.
  • Verification of your records: these are messages alerting you each time a (human) verifier has checked one of your records. If you need to reply, you can do so by adding a comment to your record as described above.
  • Milestones and awards you've achieved: not yet implemented in iRecord.
  • [Records for you to verify: if you are a verifier on iRecord, you can choose whether or not to receive an automatic email alerting you to the fact that there are new records awaiting verification.]