iRecord App new grid square location alert

Submitted by karolis on

I am considering removing the grid alert button from the Plant survey and adding an automatic alert toggle to the app settings. This toggle (default turned off) would allow the users who start a Plant or a Species List survey to receive new grid square alerts until the survey is finished. The new grid alert service would begin when a new survey is started and end when the survey Finish button is pressed. Unlike the current plant-survey toggle, this app setting would persist between app sessions. For users interested in grid recording, they would turn this app setting on and, while surveying, would receive grid notifications. For those who aren't interested in this functionality, they would see a cleaner survey interface. This changes the functionality from a utility to a more integrated recording flow. What do you think?


Submitted by BlueCarbon on Wed, 06/12/2023 - 19:43


Hi, I would prefer the grid alert to be more generic so when turned on provides alerts continuously (not just in an active survey) until stopped.  

This was discussed in this thread:

A ticket was logged for it here:

The GitHub issue contains the post above, so I am not sure if the proposal completely covers the original use-case I raised.


Submitted by nevilhutchinson on Wed, 27/03/2024 - 13:44


I find the grid alert function extremely useful. 

Is there any way it can be made to cause an audible alert/vibration of the device?

Just the icing on the cake, but would be good.