Problem with the Stage drop down table for spiders (and probably other invertibrates.)

Submitted by Paul Rule on

I have just had a record rejected for the following reason

If you amend the stage to immature we can then reverify the record for you. Thank you.
from Richard Gallon on 03/04/2024

The problem is that I could not record it as immature, as that option is not coming up on the drop down list, and still does not come up on it if I try to amend it either. What I get if fine for moths, flies and beetles but useless for anything other than adult of dead spiders.

A screenshot of what I am seeing can be found on the following link.



Submitted by James Emerson on Thu, 04/04/2024 - 21:48


Spider verification is fairly new to iRecord - I think the option Richard is referencing is only available on their species specific form (I had a similar message recently). I would recommend deleting the spider record and going to Record > Species group forms > Spiders, Harvestmen, Pseudoscorpions and then you can add the record with fields that the Spider Recording Scheme specifically want, including the option to add immatures. One of the downsides to using this form is that it didn't appear to recognise the sites saved for normal recording, so you have to add the site directly to the form.

Submitted by iago80 on Sun, 28/04/2024 - 21:40


I also regularly face this glitch, where the 'Stage' drop down seems to revert to the very limited set of options.