We are back online, but some updates still to follow

Submitted by iRecord support on

We have recently successfully completed work to move iRecord and related Indicia systems to a new server. It is now possible to add records to iRecord again, but there are still some issues that will take a little longer to be addressed:

  • You will not yet be able to see all your records via the Explore and Activity pages - the records all need to be re-indexed and this is likely to take a few days to complete
  • There may be some delays in notifications being sent
  • Some summary report pages (e.g. recorders' league tables) are not yet functioning correctly
  • It is not yet possible to upload records from our apps, we have some final testing to do to re-enable that

Please rest assured that all your records will be available again soon! Contact irecord@ceh.ac.uk if you experience any problems not mentioned above.


Submitted by DavidHowdon on Sun, 19/11/2023 - 20:14


Good to have it back at least to allow people to submit records.  Any sense of a timescale ('a few days' having now passed since the update here) when it will get back to functionality.  Verification activities, responding to queries about county records etc. still not really practical.