How do I synchronise my activity across the web browser and app versions of iRecord?

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Hi folks. Currently both sets of my records look completely different. The records I upload on the web browser don't appear on the iPhone app, and vice versa. Is there a way to sync all my sightings across the two platforms please?


Submitted by charliegough_dassh on Mon, 25/09/2023 - 09:55


There is a one-way link between the app and your web account, so on the app you will only ever see those records entered via that instance of the app. If you are not seeing records from the app when you log into the iRecrod website , it is possible you have opened two seperate accounts; if you log into the app with the same email address as the website, then you should see these records on the website.

Submitted by doug@consultin… on Mon, 25/09/2023 - 16:50


Thanks for letting me know - I'm finding the web browser version quite....clunky and now I know what to expect where, I'll persevere with adding more information. Thanks again.