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Submitted by StefanS on Fri, 08/09/2023 - 14:15


Is there any point continuing to enter records which are never verified (or rejected) because there is no Verifier for that subject or for that County? Fungi verification seems impossible in most parts of the UK. I notice for Leicesteshire for example there are only two County Recorders unfilled, Fungi and Pseudoscorpions. I may give up and move the British Mycological Society website. 

Submitted by James Emerson on Fri, 08/09/2023 - 19:52


It is important to submit records somewhere - if you have a county recorder for fungi at your location then the best thing to do is ask him or her how they would like your records (mine doesn't use iRecord and we have a proforma spreadsheet to submit records). If your county doesn't have a county recorder for fungi then your records will not get verified wherever you put them! It's important to point out that county recorders/verifiers are volunteers and the sheer number of species and the difficulty identifying them solely from photos means that understandably very few people want to take responsibility for verification of fungi on. The advantage of putting the records directly on to FRDBI via the BMS site is that they go direct to the largest UK fungal database and are available to view when searched by other mycologists. The advantage to iRecord is that your local records centre can download the records (even unverified ones as far as I'm aware) and so they could be used at a local level - however not all LERCs will do that, I suspect it depends on staffing and policies etc.