Entering a list (of moth records)

Submitted by robyn_hennessey on

Hi there, first time inputting anything on here hopefully this is just a quick one someone can answer. I'm trying to input a list of data I recently got moth trapping using the 'enter a list of moth recording'...on the tab of 'what did you see' I can't seem to get the list of species to appear. Typing out a full species name myself doesn't work as it still wont allow me to add any photos. So how do I actually select a species correctly, the instructions say just start typing the name and a list should appear but it never does, I've tried different settings but can't get it to work, any help much appreciated. 


Submitted by James Emerson on Mon, 04/09/2023 - 20:05


I've just tried it and it worked fine for me, which I accept isn't very helpful. Some things that might account for your issues. Firstly always work left to right, so you need to have got an accepted name before you try to add any photos. The main thing is the names are matched on a character by character basis, so you seldom have to type in a full name. For example, if you click in the species entry box and start typing "large y" then that should be enough to bring up Large Yellow Underwing as an option. These options appear below the entry box, you then have to click on the relevant one and then complete the other fields, add the photo etc. I would avoid copying and pasting names from elsewhere, because if there are additional hyphens or "moth" at the end of the name then they might not match.