Accessing Records for a self-definid site

Submitted by JS on

I am finding I-record almost impossible to use. I cannot really understand it at all.

I have defined a site and thought I would get all the records that have been defined within that site.

Nothing seems to happen.

One general problem seems to be that the map gets in the way a lot of the time and slows things up.

Do we have to go on a course to work it all out?

It seems remarkable that something so nationally important seems to be so badly designed.

(I have worked for 10 years at least writing pages for web-sites etc - although not a professional I am not a newbie)

Submitted by James Emerson on Sun, 30/07/2023 - 22:18


The site can be tricky to navigate in parts, but the main purpose of it is for people to submit records to verifiers, which I think generally works very well. Looking at other people's records for an area (assuming you are not a verifier) is useful but rather secondary.

From this part of your question "I have defined a site and thought I would get all the records that have been defined within that site. Nothing seems to happen." it seems that you want to access or see records from other people. If it is for a particular site then the best way to do that is by creating an activity, which enables you to define a site. If that is what you have done then you would need to make sure you selected the option "they match the filter defined above but it doesn't matter who posted the record or via which form" - if not then it will only show records from people who have joined your activity or submitted via your form, which would explain why no records show up. If your site has a well known name you can just go to explore > all records > create filter > and add the name in the location box 

I agree that there are sometimes issues with the maps - they are useful when adding records so you can make sure your grid references are correct, but they can be a pain when viewing records if some of the records have been recorded at low resolution so the big block of colour covers smaller records.

Submitted by iRecord support 3 on Mon, 31/07/2023 - 12:55


If you would like to see other people's records for a particular area, you can do so via the 'Explore All Records' page, by selecting the site you have defined from the 'Filter' drop down. You will then find that all records displayed below have been made within the boundaries of that site, and you can zoom in on the map to see the exact locations. 

Submitted by JS on Tue, 01/08/2023 - 17:12


answering irecord answer:-

I go to Ex[[lore All records page  but cannot see how to select my site (Botany Bay Duncton) from the Filter Dropdown. 

Submitted by James Emerson on Sun, 13/08/2023 - 20:54


For something to show up on the filter dropdown you have to have specifically saved it as a filter, so perhaps that is the issue. From the Explore All menu click create a filter, then go to "where". Using the map at the bottom, zoom in to Botany Bay Duncton. Click on the polygon tool in the top right then use that to outline your area, making sure you join up the polygon and doublke click to finish the shape. Then click save as and label it Botany Bay Duncton in the box below the filter options. From then on you should be able to select that filter.