iRecord spanish records

Submitted by p_d_winter on

I noticed today that there were a few dragonfly records from spain in iRecord. 

What happens to these? Are they passed on to (e.g.) Observado or do they just sit in the iRecord system untouched?




Submitted by Gustav Clark on Sun, 30/10/2022 - 17:07


The great strength of iRecord over platforms like iNaturalist is it's quality control.  This shows a major gap in the system.  It is quite simple to convert latitude - longitude to UK grid reference indeed it must be happening as otherwise the mapping system would collapse.  Any record falling outside this could be automatically flagged as suspect.  A 20km buffer zone could be allowed for marine records.  Insofar as many of these are plainly erroneous it would help the recorder if they were told that they had made a mistake, rather than having them ignored.