Terms for LERC downloads

This page provides the terms under which LERCs can access their regional records on iRecord.

Please note that LERC downloads are available via the main download page, under the Explore menu. Your designated LERC account on iRecord should be able to choose a download called "Data-flow - LERC download" from the "Records to access" dropdown list, and then apply any filters needed to access the records you want. If you cannot find your LERC download please contact us.

Terms of use for LERC downloads

You may download records within your LERC boundary, store them in your local database and use them for normal LERC business including data searches for clients, with the exception of any records that have been assigned a record-level licence that might preclude this (e.g. if a record has a non-commercial licence it can not be used for commercial activities).

Data available via iRecord

The ‘top copy’ of the record remains in the Indicia data warehouse that underlies iRecord, so you may not change the records or pass them on to the NBN Atlas. Both verified and unverified records are available for download, the verification status of each record is shown.

Downloads may contain datasets from surveys that are entered via systems other than iRecord itself (e.g. NatureSpot, National Recording Scheme/LERC surveys etc) and made available to iRecord for verification and download.  Data from these sources is clearly indicated in the downloads.  Care should be taken when incorporating within your local datasets to avoid duplication.

Please note that the preferred route for wider data dissemination from iRecord is via the national recording schemes and the NBN Atlas and to avoid duplication we ask you not to pass iRecord records on to NBN Atlas via your LERC.

By downloading the data, you confirm you have understood and accept these terms.