Using multiple apps or just irecord?

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I've been using iButterfly but to record a month sighting I have installed iRecord. This seems more general, but do they both submit sightings to the same database?

Should I just use iRecord from now on?

Should I record butterflies on both?

Should I transfer my butterfly sightings to iRecord?


Submitted by iRecord support 3 on Thu, 13/07/2023 - 11:19


The iRecord butterflies app and the iRecord app (as well as other recording apps and websites) are all linked to the iRecord website, which is where all the records go for verification (as well as being a data entry site itself). These apps have a one way link with iRecord, meaning you will only see records submitted via each app on that app. You can use whichever system(s) you prefer to enter records, and then you can see all your records together when you log into the iRecord website and navigate to Explore/My records.