Sensitivity settings

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1. App Name *

Plant Surveys

2. Describe the issue *

Sensitivity settings for records

3. Expected behaviour 

when sensitivity is selected it should allow the degree of location blurring to be chosen (as per web-based site) to monad, tetrad or hectad, then it should appear on the system with such attributes.

currently records marked 'sensitive' appear as ordinary records in the system. i.e. the senstivity setting makes no difference/doesn't work.

4. To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behaviour.

start Plant Survey; create record with precise grid reference; open record in the survey page and select 'senstive' slider; finish survey and upload it; review on the database.

5. App Version

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v6.1.0 (136)

6. Device

OnePlus 8 Pro

7. When did this happen

today at 11am but have had similar reports from other users

8. Additional context