Problem with in-app camera function

Submitted by roger.butterfi… on

1. App Name

iRecord App

2. Describe the issue

Since the recent upgrade I have been experiencing problems with the in-app camera function. When I click on the shutter button, the image immediately pops out of focus. This makes it difficult to submit clear images with records.

3. Expected behavior

I expect the image to remain in focus when I click on the shutter button.

4. To Reproduce

Try using the in-app camera to take a close-up image.

5. App Version

v6.04 (119)

6. Device

Pixel 7 Pro

7. When did this happen

Every time I attempt to take a close-up photo using the in-app camera.

8. Additional context

No further details.




Submitted by roger.butterfi… on Mon, 19/02/2024 - 18:15


I have just tried using the mobile app again. The problem with the camera now seems to be fixed: the image stays in focus when click the shutter button. Possibly due to recent "bug-fixing" update to Pixel Camera Services app, which enables Pixel Camera features on third-party apps.