iRecord app image storage on phone

Submitted by bubomike on

Where on the phone are the images taken from the iRecord app stored? They don't show up in the Photos gallery and seem to be only accessible to iRecord itself. I want to be able to keep the original, uncropped image


Submitted by gerryswansea on Wed, 04/10/2023 - 10:34


I also noticed this and brought it up with my Lerc about 2 months ago.   I would like to hear the official reply.   The iRecord app uses camera functions directly, it seems.    From my own research I understand that Android apps using Camera functions have the choice of copying the photograph to the Gallery or whatever storage, but for Security issues, may choose not to do so.   That's understandable.   But that means if I want to share a photo I took on my phone, I am not going to use the camera from within the Lerc app.  That needs to be an alert/warning.

Submitted by karolis on Thu, 12/10/2023 - 07:14


Hi both, I have flagged this as a ticket in our system here. Currently, the app uses an inbuilt camera view that gives us more customisation options and works slightly better for older Android devices. The tradeoff is that images are kept from the phone's gallery. We haven't customised the camera much yet (one of the ideas was to overlay species AI suggestions in real-time), and it is probably more useful for people also to have the photographs in the gallery and not just the iRecord system. 

We'll change it so the app stores the camera photos in the gallery in the next release. Thanks for raising this up đŸ˜‰