❗️How to report a mobile app issue

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If you have problems with one of our apps, use this template to report the issue. Detailed information about the issue will help us replicate the problem quickly and improve the app.


1. App Name *

e.g. "iRecord Butterflies"


2. Describe the issue *

e.g. "Trying to upload a single record with single photo but this results in this error message: 'Sorry Unexpected token'."


3. Expected behaviour 

e.g "Record to upload smoothly."


4. To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behaviour.

e.g.  "1. Go to 'My records   2. Click on '.Upload    3. Error message appears"


5. App Version

You can find this information by going to the app settings or menu pages in the app and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

e.g. "v2.5.1 (229)"


6. Device

e.g. "Samsung Galaxy A51"


7. When did this happen

Please let us know the time of the day this issue occurred. We can look into our server logs for anything related to your case.

e.g. "Tuesday 20 June 2023 at from 1415hrs onwards"


8. Additional context

e.g. "Repeatedly tried to upload single record. Fails every time."