❗️How to report a mobile app issue

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If you have problems with one of our apps, use this template to report the issue. Detailed information about the issue will help us replicate the problem quickly and improve the app.


1. App Name *

iRecord (Android)


2. Describe the issue *

Unable to Login. I get the message Incorrect password or email, but I am using the same details as I use to successfully login to the web version. 


3. Expected behaviour 

To Login


4. To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behaviour.

Go to Login page (Welcome back), insert email address and password and press SIGN IN.  Error message appears every time. 


5. App Version

V6.1.0 (136)


6. Device

Sony Experia XQ-BT52 running Android 13


7. When did this happen

Please let us know the time of the day this issue occurred. We can look into our server logs for anything related to your case.

4 May 2024 from about 1630.


8. Additional context

Made multiple unsuccessful attempts to Login. Reset password (twice), both times unable to Login on app, but successful on browser. Uninstalled and re-installed app, but same error messages afterwards.