App stopped working

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My iRecord app stopped working recently. It was getting slower and slower, with regular trips out being thwarted by blank white pages for minutes at a time. Then last week it just stopped - permanent white page. Nothing! I had made over a thousand entries, with each entry having multiple photos attached. Could it be that I had too much in the memory space allocated by my phone to the app? By clearing all record of the app from my phone, and reloading it, I can now use the app again, however… all my records are wiped off of the app. They’re saved in my account online, so no panic, but it’s a shame, as I use the app in the field to check up on previous entries. Anyone else experienced this? Got any ideas? Any help appreciated. Thank you. 


Submitted by karolis on Fri, 07/07/2023 - 12:25


Thanks, you're probably right that large numbers or uploaded records will slow down the application, but we're working on a fix. Meanwhile, I recommend using the 'Remove Uploaded Surveys' option in the app's settings to clean up the app occasionally.