'accidental' upload issue

Submitted by mothy10 on

1. iRecord app 

2. On 25/08/23 between 10.53 and 10.54 I appear to have uploaded a large number of mainly Draft records from the app accidentally. I thought initially that this was due to accidentally clicking the 'upload all' button (I don't know what happens when it is clicked as I have never knowingly clicked it). But it appears that only some of the records that would have been pending on the app got uploaded. The uploaded data was, I believe, mainly from 2023 but may have included previous years data that had not yet been deleted or uploaded. The 2023 dates were everything between 25/03/23 and 02/06/23 plus some of 03/06/23. 

3. I would not have expected 'Upload All' to upload draft data. I would have expected 'Upload All' to have uploaded all finished records available (didn't happen). 

4. ? I have no idea how to reproduce this.

5. v6.0.7(129)

6. iPhone SE 2020 (currently ios 16.6.1 but not sure which version at time of upload - updated regularly though)

7. 25/08/23 10.53-10.54

8. I have only just found out that this has happened or I would have posted sooner. I store Draft data for transfer to spreadsheets that I have been asked not to upload to iRecord to avoid duplications.


Submitted by karolis on Mon, 16/10/2023 - 19:36


That's strange, there is a mechanism to prevent the upload of draft records. Do you have a screenshot of the uploaded tab showing your draft records?

Submitted by mothy10 on Tue, 17/10/2023 - 16:57


Yes, but I can't seem to upload them - when I click on the image icon above, the only option I get is 'Insert image via URL'. 

There are a large number of draft records and some have already been accepted by recorders who presumably cannot see that they are drafts because this is not a field in the database (that I can see anyway). some of the records were fine but were not intended for upload whilst others were awaiting specimen identification before 'finish' and upload.


Submitted by mothy10 on Fri, 20/10/2023 - 09:54


Is it possible to upload the screenshots without them being stored online please? Or could I send them in an email if that is easier. I would just like to find out how this happened so that, if possible, I can prevent it occurring again. 

I have contacted the recorder who validated most of the records I was concerned about and we should be able to resolve things.

Many thanks