Uploading photos

Submitted by JonathanWallace on

Is there a limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded with a record?  I recently posted a record of a dragonfly exuvium with four pictures but when subsequently exploring my records I noticed that only three of the photos are actually displayed.  I tried to edit the record and it seemingly accepted the re-posting of the missing photo but in record explorer mode the picture is still missing.  Is there a limit on the number of photos or is the limit on the amount of memory (I.e. can you upload more photos if the file sizes are smaller?).  TIA


Submitted by Barry Walter on Thu, 23/05/2024 - 10:49


In my experience, the usual limit when using the online forms is four photos. The size shouldn't matter, because I believe the photos are automatically reduced to a maximum of 1500x1500 pixels. However, the iRecord App seems to allow more photos (up to at least eight), and the same goes for records imported from iNaturalist. It also seems photos from those sources aren't automatically resized either (or at least not in the same way).

The issue with editing photos in existing records has been reported many times before, but I don't know if a solution has ever been found. Whenever I have problems like that, I just delete the whole record and re-upload it.