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We want to set our site in iRecord on our phones so that whoever uploads a sighting, the record gets collated with others uploading to the same site. However when I go to iRecord and search for the name 'St Paul's Church Camden Square' nothing comes up. When I put the postcode in - NW1 9XG - that postcode does not appear in the drop down. Can you help us register this site so we can start using it?




Submitted by James Emerson on Sun, 21/04/2024 - 20:29


Hi Catherine.

I don't use the phone app but can talk you through setting up the site via the desktop version - hopefully it will be the same using the app, or once set up via the iRecord website it will then be useable on your phone.

Firstly if nothing is coming up when you search for "St Paul's Church Camden Square" it is because locals are using slightly different names that don't match your search term, so having checked it I can see some are just "St Paul's Church" and some are "St Paul's Church Woodland Garden". The location search works using grid references rather than postcodes.

The easiest thing to do is to create a filter. Go to Explore > All records and click create filter. Choose the "Where" tab and type in TQ297846 in the grid reference box and press return. That will bring up the area you are looking at. Now look at the small icons in the top right of the map. Go to the one second in from the right, which is the polygon option. By clicking in the corners of the area you want to select you can draw a box around the church boundaries. Double click on the last point one to join it up as a complete boundary. Click the 'apply' button at the bottom of the tab.

Some of the records might be obscurred by vague records from nearby, so I would then recommend going to the "Quality" tab and under coordinate precision select "is the same as or better than" on the left hand side and then 2km from the right hand side. The click apply.

This should bring up all of the records from the area you want. If there are too many from outside it then consider changing the 2km quality to 1km.

There is a box for filter name, call it St Paul's Church Camden or whatever you want, then click on the save icon. Now it should be saved to your filter list, so whenever you want to view the records you can select it by going to Explore > All filters then selecting your named filter