Setting up an accurate linear route with appropriate margins

Submitted by seumasgalbrait… on

Hi there. I am trying to set up an Activity for all plant and wildlife records along a long-distance walking route, the Ayrshire Coastal Path.

I initially drew up the route very roughly - aiming to allow records from ~500m inland and up to ~1k out to sea (not sure if this is necessary).

It was brilliant to have a list of records generated so quickly. However, these were seriously skewed, with over 80% moth records. It appears that the way I have drawn the map includes one or more gardens with serious moth trappers!

Although very worthy, these clearly are not fit for purpose to find out what is seen and heard by walkers along the Coastal Path. I have tried to redraw the map, but the route is 106 miles long which obviously makes this difficult.

Just wondered if there was any advice e.g. would it be possible to import an accurate map of the walking route and apply this?

Grateful for any help.