Observation location details

Submitted by David Pickens on


When I first started using iRecord the location of the observation would be generated when the photo was uploaded on the recording page. 

After a while this feature stopped working so I resorted to copying the photo location details from the metadata and pasting into the "Enter a spatial reference" box, then, by clicking on the "Location" box, the co-ordinates would be recognised and the location generated automatically.

However, just in the last month or so this method has also stopped working; meaning that I can no longer accurately assign a location to an observation.

For context, I use the iRecord website on a chromebook, and, as far as I remember, have never changed any settings.

I was going to try the iRecord app to see if this would resolve the issue but apparently it "isn't available on Google Play on this device".

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you.