creating filters

Submitted by JonathanWallace on

I want to create a filter so I can download a subset of my records but am struggling.  In explore my records I have clicked on 'create new filter', selected and applied the parameters I wish to include and named and saved the filter but it does not then appear in the list of available filters.  What am I doing wrong/missing? 

Submitted by JonathanWallace on Tue, 11/07/2023 - 10:36


Further to the above, it seems that the issue was simply that there was a delay before the new filter was saved into the system as it is now visible and selectable on the explore records page.  Oddly, the filter is not available on the download records page other than if doing a 'single survey' search.  This is not a big problem as it is possible to download the search results from the the explore records page but it seems odd as it is indicated that filters created on the explore records page should be available on this page too.