completing drafts on website that were made on the app

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Hi. I have made draft records on the app on my tablet whilst in the field. I now want to complete these on the website on my laptop and add photos, however, they are not listed on "My Records". Do the app and website share my data? I can't add phot on my tablet because I didn't take the photos with it therefore theya re not in my gallery. Thankyou


Submitted by Ian Stone on Mon, 24/06/2024 - 14:27



The website and app do not snyc as such, so the website knows nothing about your records drafted in the app until you submit them. You can submit your records from the app, and then log into the website and edit the records to add photos.  I have done this often and it works fine.  Bear in mind that the website only allows you to add four photos per record.