Changing location of records in bulk?

Submitted by matthewlewis89… on

Hi all,

I've got some records that a volunteer has submitted via the app, but it seems that they accidentally locked their location some time ago. For each record I have the correct location name, but the latlong is wrong. I can match the written locations to grid refs fairly easily, but manually changing each record feels pretty arduous. 

I was wondering if there's a way for the volunteer to bulk change these records to the correct location?

Thanks in advance!

Submitted by James Emerson on Fri, 29/03/2024 - 18:32


If the records were submitted at the same time using the "enter a list of records" option, or a few times using that option, then changing the location of any one of the records in that list will automatically change it for the whole list.

If the records were added singly using the "enter a casual record" form then unfortunately I think they will all need to be changed manually.