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How do activities interact with each other and with general uploading of records?  For example, if I have a record that is applicable to more than one of the activities I am a member of (e.g. an activity relating to a particular taxonomic group and another relating to a particular place or area) will it automatically get linked to each of the activities whose criteria it meets or just the one I choose to upload it to?  If they are not automatically linked is there a way in which the uploader can link records to all relevant activities him/herself?   

Submitted by JulianL on Sat, 02/03/2024 - 08:41


I think it depends upon the criteria set in the activity. My activity includes all records posted in the area covered, but there is the option to only allow records specifically posted for the activity. If the activities you refer to are like mine, they should all sweep up the same single record. You can join activities then you can choose whether to upload specifically to that activity but not sure whether you can post to multiple.