Moths not verified

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My moth entries never seem to get verified. Occasionally one will be queried. Am I wasting my time entering them? As a beginner, it takes many hours to identify and upload. Not very encouraging for a beginner. 


Submitted by James Emerson on Wed, 09/08/2023 - 20:28


It is important to accept that the verifiers are volunteers - moth trapping is popular and I dread to think how many hours a week it must take for someone to verify moth records. That said, I do understand that it is encouraging to have records verified and also useful as any errors can be rectified. 

It is not a complete waste of time as your records are available to your local biological records centre to download and are now 'in the system' until someone does begin to verify them. What I would recommend you do is find out who your county moth recorder is and if they have a preferred method of recording. For example I'm in Norfolk, and our county recorder has spent a lot of time and effort building us the norfolk moths website (Norfolk Moths - The macro and micro moths of Norfolk.) which has an in built recorder, and he prefers the records that way. It might be your county has something similar and for moths iRecord might not be the preferred submission method.

Submitted by riahayter@yaho… on Thu, 17/08/2023 - 17:39


Thank you James for your detailed reply and advice.  I'm pleased to hear that I'm not wasting my time.