Determiner name

Submitted by pcb1154 on

I am listed as 'recorder' and 'determiner' in my records -but I haven't identified myself (explicitly) as the determiner -I thought this would be an expert verifier. How do i keep the determiner box empty? thanks


Submitted by James Emerson on Sat, 22/07/2023 - 19:55


The determiner is usually the person who identifies the species - so the verifier is only the determiner if they change your ID.

In iRecord there are three fields that can have names in. The person submitting the record is the recorder, there is then an input box for the person identifiying the record (this is labelled "identifier" on the input screens but "determiner" when you explore your records, which is why there is room for confusion) and finally the verifier, who is the expert checking whether they are happy with your record or not.

So, you can keep the determiner box on your output records empty by not entering anything in the identifier box when submitting records (it would default to your name so delete that and then click on the padlock icon to lock it). However presumably you are usually the person identifying your own records, so as far as this system is concerned you should continue to put your name there (or the name of ther person/people that have identified it).