Commenting on records - who receives the comment?

Submitted by Robin Shrubsole on

Hi there.

I have a particular interest in marine recording.

I have some records on iRecord, input stating that they are determined by me (correct), but entered by someone else, in their name - and these records have been given an incorrect taxon identification.

I also note some records where the verified identication is clearly incorrect.

I am not necessarly able to contact the people who have entered these records directly.

If I add a comment to these records, who recieves that comment? The person who actually entered it? A/the verifier? Someone else?

Thanks, in advance, for any help that you can give,



Submitted by James Emerson on Mon, 05/02/2024 - 20:13


If you comment on a record the person that entered the record should get a notification of your comment - I have done this in the past when I noticed a record had come up in one of my searches where the grid reference and site didn't match. I suspect it might also be notified to the person that had verified the record (it would if the comment was by the person who entered the record) but am not completely sure about that.