Changing identification of verified records - delete and re enter or change?

Submitted by mothy10 on

A couple of months ago I posted on the mobile apps part of this forum about an issue where a large number of DRAFT records had inadvertently been uploaded to iRecord from my phone - I still do not know how. I have nearly finished sorting out the mess but am left with a few Hymenoptera records that were verified but need to be changed as the specimens have now been examined under a microscope. In this case I am unable to contact the verifier, Stuart Roberts, so can’t ask him how best to proceed. 
One of the specimens was originally draft-recorded as Pompilidae but actually turned out to be a (rather convincing) sawfly mimic of a Pompilid wasp. This might not be re verified by the same person so the original verifier might not be made aware of the change (?).

Could anyone suggest a best course of action please?

Many thanks


Submitted by DavidHowdon on Thu, 21/12/2023 - 18:02


If you edit the record that will re-set the verification status.  The now un-verified record will go into the pending queue for whoever verifies that taxon you have now assigned it to.

Think the person who verified your record will get notified too.