Unable to download Activity records?

Submitted by kevinJ2018 on Mon, 04/04/2022 - 11:00

Have  set a new activity for my local group who manage a 70 ha site  - have used a hand drawn defined area in the filters and currently set access by group members only, with two of us testing the functionality ahead of a wider launch to the Friends Group. 

Have found the records download is unavailable  (Species, Families and Groups downloads are)  - even when set to "include records on reports if: posted by a group member and match defined activiity filters, submitted via data entry form for the group."  Records I've entered via the Activity are displayed as normal, but they cannot be downloaded! The download works when viewed through "My Records" outside of the Activity.  I also hoped the second "include records in reports if" option, where it doesn't matter which form group members have used  would also allow us to download records for the site.  

Have we missed something, or is there an issue with records download in new Activities or a specific Activity configuration problem preventing records downloads?