Technical Assistance

Submitted by acclivity on

I find iRecord really frustrating to use, especially the search facilities. I just wondered if you would like some technical assistance with the programming.
I have many years experience of Software Engineering, and I currently maintain the website for Seaford Natural History Society, which includes powerful searching and map creation features.

Mike Kerry


Submitted by LMH003 on Sat, 18/05/2024 - 09:55


Hello, I am new to the site and trying to record my bat survey. It won't let me submit. 

I also spotted 35 pipistrelles, does it mean I have to add it 35 times instead of just writing the number 35? 


kind regards, 


Submitted by James Emerson on Sat, 18/05/2024 - 22:43


Hi Lucinda.

If you spotted 35 pipistrelles at a particular site then you would just write 35, no need to add them multiple times.

If the form isn't letting you submit then the likelihood is that there is a compulsory field somewhere that hasn't been filled in. 

Another possible common issue is around the names, so if you have written in Pipistrelle then the a box will come up below where you have been typing with Pipistrelle in, make sure you click on that name before moving on, as that ensures that the name has been recognised by the system.

If you still can't submit then please let us know if there are any error messages etc.

Good luck!