reverifying entries

Submitted by Alandiver on

In one of my entries I listed the certainty of my entry as "Likely". It was reviewed and came back as ID accepted so I edited my entry to reflect this changing the certainty entry to "Certain" but it is now being reviewed again BECAUSE I EDITED MY ENTRY" . That doesn't make sense.

Submitted by James Emerson on Mon, 16/10/2023 - 09:37


The issue here is that once a record has been accepted, that is the final step in the recording process, so you don't need to edit likely to certain (firstly because it refers to what you thought before an expert verified it, and secondly because it makes no difference to the record). If anything about the record is changed then the record needs to be reviewed again - although in this case the certainty field doesn't materially change the record, if the species, date, location etc changed then it would be a material change and it is easier for the system to detect that the record has changed in some way than to only flag up particular changes.