Submitted by Surreybirder on

I entered a record of a ruddy darter but then decided it was a common darter. But when I tried to edit the observation, I just got an error message. This happened several times.   

  • The data could not be saved.
  • Validation errors occurred when this form was submitted to the server. The form configuration may be incorrect as it appears the controls associated with these messages are missing from the form.<ul><li>form_error_messages.licence_id.default<br/>&nbsp;&nbsp; (related to attribute )</li></ul>


Submitted by James Emerson on Sat, 23/09/2023 - 22:56


One of the seemingly commonest issues when editing a record is that you need to re-add the life stage as well, so I would recommend trying to edit it to Common Darter, and then making sure that the life stage box says adult, then saving it. 

If not that then whilst annoying, if it's just a single record I'd delete the existing record and then input again as the correct species.