Only one record showing when square with several records clicked

Submitted by davidcarey.mal… on Mon, 16/05/2022 - 11:45

I have entered several records of different species giving the same 10 square metre grid reference. The records are entered and present on the system, correctly in my records and all records, but when I actually click on that square (which is a deeper blue that nearby single record squares, I only get one "hit" in the list of records underneath the map window, apparently the first record entered.

When I enter the record as a 100 square metre, again when I click on the 10 square metre square it again only shows the one hit, "obscuring" any other 10 metre square records underlying the 100 square metre square or vice versa? Same issue using edge and chrome, all using Windows 10 on a pc laptop.   

I cannot get a list of more than one record "hit" for multiple record squares.

Where am I going wrong please?