Need option to record terrapin as Terrapin (Testudines)

Submitted by Corophium on Sun, 10/04/2022 - 23:18


At present the word terrapin is not an option for recording a species. In contrast, a turtle can be recorded as Turtle (Testudines) . As the order Testudines includes turtles, terrapins and tortoises it would seem appropriate to record a terrapin as Terrapin (Testudines).

The reasons behind this request are a)  some common species of non-native terrapins in the UK eg Cooter and Map Turtle species are not included in the dropdown species options, b) it can be difficult to identify a terrapin species even when you have a good view and c) often you only have a poor view of the animal and all you can say is that it is a terrapin.

A colleague and I are conducting a survey of terrapins, in Hull/ East Riding of Yorkshire, and would  benefit greatly from being able to record a terrapin on iRecord simply as Terrapin (Testudines). 

I hope you can look  favourably on this request, and implement it as soon as possible .


Kind regards