map squares layer ordering on activity maps

Submitted by JulianL on

Hello, not sure if this has already been raised.  There seems to be a bug specific to the activity maps.  

To replicate, choose any activity and click on 'explore activity data'.  Then zoom in past the blue circles until you see squares and smaller circles.

The issue is that if there are any less geographically precise records that cover an area that includes more precise records, you can only access the data from the less precise one.  The data table filter request is blocked.  It is as though more precise records are being plotted first, then being covered by less precise records, where it should be the other way around.  Our activity map is currently rendered unusable by a single 10km (SJ40) record.  If you go to the main map (Explore > All Records), this error does not exist - you can access any record.  Please can the activity maps be updated to work in the same way as the main map so that we can access the data.  Thanks