Displaying records for children in Wildlife Centre

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I'd like to show the children what has been seen in their local Wildlife Centre. There are about 100 records, mostly with photos. I'd like to show them the photos of what has been recorded there. There is no way of downloading photos from a specific location, or even of displaying all the photos from a location together.



Submitted by iRecord support 3 on Wed, 01/05/2024 - 10:42


You can create a filter for a specific locaiton (i.e. using a specific grid reference, or a site you have created in 'My Sites' under the 'Where' option), thought it sounds like you have already identified the images you are interested in. Images can be downloaded individually (right-click, save as), but you should only do this to use according to the licensing assigned by the recorder. If there is no licence shown on the photo, this means the recorder hasn’t selected one via their iRecord account and equates to ‘All rights reserved’. This means the photo can’t be used unless you obtain permission from the recorder.

If a photo has a Creative Commons license (CC) acronym shown at the bottom, it means that you are free to use it under certain conditions, of which you can find details below. For example, if it is licensed as CC BY-NC, you can use the photo for non-commercial purposes as long you properly attribute the photographer. iRecord users can choose their photo licence settings in the My Account/Edit page of their account. The options available to recorders are (with links to details):

CC0: Creative Commons "No Rights Reserved"

CC BY: Creative Commons Attribution

CC BY-NC: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

CC BY-SA: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

CC BY-ND: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives

CC BY-NC-SA: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

CC BY-NC-ND: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

ARR: "All Rights Reserved"