Bird records for Gloucestershire & garden bioblitz

Submitted by sophie.e.talli… on Mon, 30/05/2022 - 23:19

I've been doing a garden bioblitz on my 2 acre wooded wildlife garden since March 2020 and have recorded and photographed nearly 900 species so far, though I've hardly scratched the surface. My main focus has been on moths (nearly 350 different species and counting), bees, butterflies and birds though it is regrettable that there don't seem to be any bird recorders on iRecord for Gloucestershire as not one of my bird records has ever been verified. This is very frustrating as we get very unusual and sometimes rare breeds here and none of that information is getting looked at. 

Could iRecord be clearer with perhaps a viewable list of verifiers for each county? For instance, Gloucestershire has great coverage for moth verifiers but no one doing birds. That way people can see from the start if there are gaps/ie no verifiers in their county for a certain taxon group and can find a way of including their records somewhere else where they will be looked at?

Also, are there any other people out there doing their own garden bioblitz's? I'd be really interested if iRecord could have a place/space which talks about garden bioblitz's too where people can share tips and tricks and interesting records they've found. Our gardens after all, can be incredibly biodiverse habitats while our countryside continues to be nature depleted.