Activities and imprecise records

Submitted by SWSEIC on

Please can we have some way of filtering records by the precision of their grid reference. With an increasing number of imprecise (often historical) records being added to iRecord, we need a way of filtering out 10km records when viewing a filtered record set. This is particularly apparent when viewing activities as these imprecise records effectively swamp any records for a local site and make the activity map difficult to use and view. 

Alternatively just removing 10km records from view at certain zoom resolutions would help in the interim.


Submitted by tonyking on Fri, 12/01/2024 - 13:40


Yes I have the same question, I have set up two "activites" for local sites we manage and many of the records are from imprecise locations that happen to cover a large area which includes these local sites. Have you found a solution yet?