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Regularly, when I submit a single record for a species, a repeat record will appear on my records - this usually happens after the record has been verified. e.g. yesterday I submitted a single record for a hoverfly, after the record was verified, I received the usual verification notification. This morning, I have received two new verification notifications for the same record, when I checked my records page, I now have three entries for the same record, all of which are “verified”? 

Is this a problem other people are experiencing?


Submitted by iRecord support 2 on Tue, 16/08/2022 - 12:03



Thank you for bringing up this issue. Would you be able to email us at with the Records affected and the dates and times of the emails, please? A screenshot of the emails you received would also be useful in helping us to resolve this for you.

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Submitted by tony.sinnott@b… on Mon, 22/08/2022 - 00:35


I am getting the same duplication on 'My records' mentioned by another recorder. Most annoying as a newbie to iRecord

Submitted by Duncan Cooke on Sat, 14/01/2023 - 01:37


The problem seems to be that people are submitting their finds to specific recording schemes for verification and then both the recording scheme and the finder are recording the same find on iRecord. This has happened to me once when trying to id a hoverfly. I now always say that I will iRecord if I get a positive id when submitting a request for identification/confirmation.  I think this is something the administration of iRecord need to look at because I recently entered a record of Crataerina hirundinis and when I clicked on 'Accepted as correct records only' it was showing 25 records, but 2 were duplicates, 8%.  I sent a notification to both and one has since been removed, but the other is still there. I have noticed a quite a significant number of duplicate records when looking at 'Accepted as correct records only'. They stand out because because the photographs are identical. There are quite a lot of 'accepted as correct records' however that do not have any supporting photographs, and if they are duplicated they will be quite difficult to spot.