Problem keeping saved settings in activities

Submitted by Mike Averill on

I have set up an Activity for Worcestershire Dragonflies, but the Records that are of interest to the group keeps defaulting to exclude not accepted records when i have set it as exclude not accepted or queried records. This matters at the moment as i have 400-500 queried records ( mainly BTO Birdtrack). 

Secondly there does not seem to be a way of filtering to get the  Activity Summary Report to be anything other than a default setting. Consequently all querried records are reported and counted


Submitted by Mike Averill on Sat, 27/08/2022 - 17:33


This issue may be solved. Instead of using exclude not accepted or queried records, use Accepted records, this does not report the queried records and the Activity Summary data page also only uses that accepted data not all of the records.- This category also saves properly-sorted!