iRecord on website changes grid reference for record created with iRecord app

Submitted by A G Duff on

I use the iRecord app to record common insects in my back garden. When I upload and view these same records on the website, consistently the 6-figure grid reference has been changed, with a decrement of 1 in the northing. Why is this happening? It is surely a bug.


Submitted by James Emerson on Sun, 30/07/2023 - 20:51


Hi Andrew. Could you possibly have live tracking activated on the app? I've seen some plant records where the initial position was taken in the field but the record was then uploaded at home, and it has then recorded the location names correctly (e.g. Cley Marsh) but used the home grid ref (e.g. for Norwich) as the location rather than that from the original sighting. These are often quite easy to spot, but it would be trickier if both were close together! If the reference with the adjusted northing matches your house (rather than your garden) then I suspect that is what is happening. If not as you say there might be some sort of bug.

Submitted by A G Duff on Wed, 02/08/2023 - 13:04


Hi James, I'm aware that iRecord shifts the grid reference as soon as I come into my house, which is north of my garden, but then I manually correct it back to my garden grid reference. This means that when I view my uploaded records using the app I can see that the grid references are all correct. The problem comes when I view those same records on the website, when all of them have the northing decremented by 1, putting the records south of my garden. I'd rather not have to go and correct them again on the website, especially as some of the records (hoverflies etc.) have already been verified. It's definitely a bug and I can easily reproduce it.

Submitted by A G Duff on Wed, 02/08/2023 - 13:43


Hi James, I just went into my back garden and photographed the hoverfly Eristalis nemorum. Back indoors I created the record with the correct 6-figure grid reference and uploaded it. I then immediately checked on the iRecord website and the record had already been uploaded to the servers, which is impressively efficient. When I edited the record I noticed that my grid reference had been change to a latitude-longitude spatial reference. I then checked where this spatial reference was pointing to (using and it appears to be the southwest corner of the 100 m OS grid square which includes my garden. However if you Explore > My records on the website there is a column of grid references, meaning that these must be recalculated 'on the fly' from the stored latitude-longitude spatial data. My guess is that in my case this is a rounding error caused by using the southwest corner of the 100 m square rather than its centroid which is what I would expect it to do. My suggestion is that iRecord should calculate the standardised spatial data using the centre of the OS grid reference square rather than defaulting to its southwest corner, in order to fix this bug.

Submitted by Garfunke1@prot… on Sat, 19/08/2023 - 13:20


There is another forum query asking what a 'use grid reference' option on the app actually does. It hasn't had any response but that may help? Also equally possible that it has been asked by someone frustrated that it hasn't fixed this problem...

Submitted by A G Duff on Mon, 21/08/2023 - 11:59


This flag is turned on in the settings for my iRecord app. It appears that notwithstanding this flag iRecord converts my supplied grid ref to lat/long when it is uploaded to the server. Why would it do this?