irecord and nbnatlas

Submitted by peteh on

Is it possible for me to enter a load of historical Odonata records into irecord but not have them export to NBN atlas?

The records are already in NBN so I don't want to cause a duplication.

I dont want a blanket no sync to NBN atlas though as I want any records that are entered in in recent years to sync up to NBN.



Submitted by John H Bratton on Sat, 27/08/2022 - 20:17


If the records are already in the NBN, they are in the biological recording system. So is there a need to add them to iRecord as well?

Submitted by JonahWills on Mon, 20/05/2024 - 20:50


I'm eager to input a significant volume of historical Odonata records into iRecord, all the while ensuring they don't duplicate on the NBN Atlas, where they're already cataloged. However, I'm not inclined towards a blanket restriction on synchronization to the NBN Atlas, as I do wish for any recent records to be seamlessly shared. Is there a method within iRecord's settings to manage this nuanced approach? In essence, my aim is to incorporate historical data without redundancy, while still facilitating the synchronization of recent data with the broader community through the NBN Atlas, akin to maneuvering through the intricacies of a word youtube tv mod apk.