iRecord and iNaturalist

Submitted by cubitmg on

I have an observer who is using iNat and we were discussing how to handle records where he knows the identification and doesn't want to take the time to add a photo or for others to take the time to confirm the id.
iNat does have a 'No media' option but how can that record ever become 'Research Grade' in order to reach iRecord?


Submitted by Gustav Clark on Wed, 25/05/2022 - 10:11


iRecord works on personal reputation as well as evidence presented, so common species from a person with a reliable record can be accepted without a photo.  iNat is very algorithmic and very deliberately avoids classing people as experts. 

Basically if you want your records to be counted and to contribute to research then you should use iRecord.  Otherwise you have to jump through hoops and your records still won't be trusted.